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Operating in the main window, you can synchronise all keyboard and mouse actions to multiple controlled windows, helping you to improve work efficiency. It also supports the following functions: Window Arrangement, Batch Text Input, Tab Management, Click Delay and so on.

Ⅰ.Start Synchronisation

1. Start at least two profiles, click the "Synchronizer" button to activate the Synchronizer panel. You can configure the sync switch, emulation settings, hotkeys in the "Settings".

2. Tick the profile you need to synchronize in the Synchronizer profiles list, and click ’Start Synchronization‘.

Ⅱ. During Synchronization

After successfully starting the Synchronizer, you can perform the operations you need to synchronize to all the profile windows in the highlighted main window, and you can also use more functions in the synchronizer bar:

1.Window Arrangement: Auto-tile and auto-stack arrangement of all windows in the synchronization, you can also click “Size synchronized with the main window ” to uniform the size of windows.

2. Text Input: After applying, information will be automatically entered in the input area of the windows.

2.1 Random Number: Set the number range to randomly input values in the window automatically, support up to 10 decimal places.

2.2 Different Text - Random Input: The entered (multiple) text content will be randomly entered into the window.

2.3 Different text - input by Browser Profile: the entered text will be entered into the window in the order of the displayed profiles.

2.4 Different text - custom input: the entered text content is entered into the window in the customised order of the profiles.

2.5 Same Text: The same text will be entered into all the windows.

3. Tab Management: The controlled window tabs follow the main window tabs automatically.

3.1 Same Tabs: Make the controlled window tabs consistent with the master window tabs.

3.2 Close Other Tabs: Close all other tabs of all windows but the current tab.

3.2 Close Current Tab: Close the current tab of all windows.

3.3 Close Blank Tab: Close all blank tabs of all windows.

4. Click Delay: Enable click delay to mimic the click action of a real person, and the delay time interval can be configured in "Settings".

Ⅲ. Stop Sync.

Close the main window or click the "Stop Sync" button on the hover bar to exit the Synchronizer.

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