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Enhance work efficiency by synchronizing keyboard and mouse events across multiple controlled windows from the main control browser profile window. It also offers features like window arrangement, batch text input, tag management, and delay clicking.

Start Sync

1. Start at least 2 browser profiles and click the 'Synchronizer' button to open the synchronizer panel. You can configure synchronization settings, simulation settings, and shortcuts in 'Settings.'

2. If you need to add more browser profiles to the synchronizer list, you can click 'Launch Profile' to quickly return to the browser profile management interface and start the profile you need.

3. In the synchronizer browser profile list, check the profiles you want to synchronize and click 'Start Sync'.


After a successful synchronization, perform actions in the highlighted main control window to synchronize them with all browser profile windows, or use additional features in the synchronizer bar:

1. Window Arrangement: Automatically arrange synchronized windows or adjust the main control window's size, which synchronizes with all windows when released.

2. Text Input: After applying, you can automatically input information in the input area of synchronized browser profile windows.

2.1 Random Numbers: Set a numeric range and automatically input values randomly in browser profile windows, supporting up to 10 decimal places.

2.2 Different Text - Random Input: Input (multiple sets of) text content will be randomly entered into browser profile windows.

2.3 Different Text - Sequential Input by Profile: Input text content will be entered into browser profile windows in the order they are displayed.

2.4 Different Text - Custom Input: Input text content will be entered into browser profile windows in a custom-defined order.

2.5 Same Text: The main control window and controlled windows will sequentially input the same text.

3. Tag Management: Controlled window tags automatically adjust to match the tags of the main control window.

3.1 Unified Tags: Make controlled window tags match those of the main control window.

3.2 Close Other Tags: Close all other tags in all windows, leaving only the current tag.

3.3 Close Current Tag: Close the current tag in all windows.

3.4 Close Blank Tags: Close all blank tags in all windows.

4. Click Delay: Enabling click delay will simulate human-like click events, and the delay duration can be configured in 'Settings'.

Stop Sync

Closing the main control window or clicking the 'Stop Sync' button on the floating bar can exit the synchronization.

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