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Introducing Cloud Phone

Cloud phones are real mobile phones connected remotely, which can be applied to e-commerce platforms, social media and other platforms app account management.

Cloud Phone Advantage:

  • Profile Environment security: up to 100+ parameters tuning to ensure account operation security
  • Intelligent Positioning: Intelligent matching of country, time zone, language and other environmental information based on IP, safe marketing like locals
  • Unlimited multi-opening: at any time according to the business needs, a key to open the N cloud real machine
  • Efficient management: anytime, anywhere, one computer easily manages N cloud phones
  • Replacement at any time: 0-cost replacement for business changes, avoiding the risk of equipment risk control

Cloud Phone Operation

  1. Click ‘New Profile’ and select ‘Cloud Mobile Profile’.

  1. Click ‘Select proxy’ , fill in the Proxy Information and "Detect Proxy", then click "OK" to finish.

Note: The cloud phone must be configured with available proxies for http, https, and socks5 to start.

  1. "Start" the cloud phone and start using it, using it like a normal Google phone.
  1. Introduction to the features of the cloud phone interface:
  • Rotate: you can choose to use it in landscape or portrait orientation
  • Screenshot: You can take a screenshot of the current page and keep it on your cloud phone.
  • Upload: You can upload files on your computer
  • Definition: You can choose the Definition of the cloud phone according to your needs
  • Restart: restart the cloud phone
  • Restore Factory Settings: After clicking it, the cloud phone restores factory settings and the information inside the cloud phone will be lost.
  • shut off: You can click shut off in the cloud phone.
  1. Download‘and'install' software on cloud phones

Mean 1: Download in the application market, click on the lower right corner of the application market, search for the name of the software, and then click on ’install‘, the installation will be completed automatically, and then open the cloud mobile phone interface to use.

Mean 2: Download from Google play, same process as normal app shop download

  1. 'Upload' files on your cloud phone.

After uploading a local file, you can find it on your desktop by clicking on the screen and swiping up to 'Files/Downloads'

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