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Buying Units

As you create a new account on MoreLogin, you are assigned a free plan under which you can have a maximum of two profiles. The latest MoreLogin version automatically creates one profile for you according to your computer's browsers.

Although you can use this profile for free forever and if need be, create one more, sometimes you may fall short. This could happen when you want to access several social media platforms, e-commerce websites, etc. with different IP addresses for brand awareness, reviews, or other promotional reasons.

morelogin price

In such a scenario, you can upgrade your plan so you can create more profiles under your same MoreLogin account. A quick comparison between different types of subscriptions MoreLogin offers is given below:

No. of Profiles







1001-10000 (30 Days)

10000 or More

(30 Days)

30 Days









60 Days







180 Days







360 Days







Note:  If the number of profiles you need doesn’t fall in any of the above ‘round-figure’ plans, you can pay $5 per additional unit. (For example, you can buy 11 profiles for 30 days for $14.00.)

Upgrade Plan

·       Sign in to your MoreLogin account on the PC

·       Click Cost Center from the navigation bar on the left

·       Click Upgrade from the package information section on the right

MoreLogin purchase

·       On the next window, use the Profiles list to choose the number of profiles you want to buy

·     From the Duration section, click to select the number of days you want to purchase the subscription for

·       Optionally enter the promo code (if any) in the Discount field

·       Check the I have read and agreed on User Service Agreement box

·       Click Submit

Morelogin payment

·       Choose your preferred payment method on the next screen

·       Click Pay Now

Morelogin pay now

·       Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your payment

·       Start using your upgraded MoreLogin plan normally

Adding Top-up

Top-ups allow you to add an extra amount to your MoreLogin account if you need to buy more profiles or extend the duration of the existing ones. Adding top-up value is easy using the MoreLogin app.

The process is explained below:

·       Launch the MoreLogin app on your computer

·       Go to the Cost Center section (use the navigation bar on the left to get there)

·       Click Top-up from the right

top up

·       Click to select your preferred top-up value from the Recharge amount section on the Balance Top-Up window that appears next

·       Choose your payment method

·       Click Top-up from the bottom-right area

·       Follow the on-screen instructions from there to complete the payment process

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