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1. If the x-api-key is changed, can the API interfaces called by the service started with the old value still be used?

No, they cannot. It will return an error message indicating that the x-api-key is invalid. Each account can only correspond to one x-api-key, so please be cautious when resetting it. After resetting, the old value will be invalidated, so please securely save the new value.

2. How to reset the x-api-key?

Go to [ Browser Profile ]-「API」Click on the "Reset" button.After resetting, please remember to save the new API key.

3. Can the x-api-key be updated for the already started services after it has been changed?

Yes, it can be updated.

4. How can the service be closed?

The service can be closed by logging out of Morelogin.

5. Can the API be used without launching the client?

No, it cannot. The client needs to be launched and logged in to use the API.

6. If a user's account is logged in on another device while using the API, can the API continue to be used?

No, it cannot. It will cause the API service process to exit. The user needs to log in again on the client and restart the API service.

7. What does it mean when a connection failure occurs while making API requests?

Check if the API process has started successfully and if the port is correct. Additionally, manually exiting the MoreLogin client can cause the API service process to terminate.

8. Why am I experiencing connection failures with automation (WebDriver)?

Please check if the connection port is correct. The port should correspond to the "port" field returned by the browser profile API, not the service port of the MoreLogin process.

9. What does it mean when I receive an error "API access exceeded rate limit" while making API requests?

This error indicates that you have exceeded the rate limit for API access. Each API has a maximum limit of 60 requests per minute. Please ensure that you control your request frequency within the allowed limits.

10.After startup the browser profile, why does the browser debugging interface (port) return 0? 

In order to use the WebDriver mode, you need to enable the 'Debug Port' switch in the 'Settings' - 'Local Settings' menu. Once enabled, the browser debugging interface (port) will return the correct port number.

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