Bind and Enable Authenticators

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Setup Center - Global Settings

  • Boss can enable Dual Authentication (2FA) in Global Settings - Account Security and choose the level of authentication to your liking.
  • Upon activation, all team members who log in to the client and meet the authentication criteria need to be authenticated. With the authenticator bound, the login process can be verified either through the authenticator or via email. If the authenticator is not bound, the login process can only be verified via an email verification code.

Settings Center - My Account

  • Any team member can bind an authenticator in Settings Center - My Account. We recommend using Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator.
  • How do I use the validator?
  1. Download Google Authenticator/Microsoft Authenticator or other authenticator from your phone.
  2. Take Google Authenticator as an example. Click "Bind" in "My Account" - "Authenticator" in MoreLogin, you can see the QR code. Click the icon at the bottom right corner of Google Authenticator and select "Scan QR Code" to scan the QR code to complete the binding.
  3. If you can't bind by QR code, you can click "Cannot scan QR code" in MoreLogin to show the string. Click "Enter Setup Key" in Mobile Verifier, enter account name (customized), key (string obtained from MoreLogin), and click "Add" to complete the binding.
  4. After binding the authenticator, enter the dynamic verification code in the login phase to complete the login.

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