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1. If the x-api-key is replaced, will the api interface called by the service started with the old value continue to work?

  • No. The x-api-key will be returned as invalid. It will return the message that the x-api-key is invalid, one account can only correspond to one x-api-key, so be careful with the reset operation, the old value will be invalid after the reset, please save the value safely.

2. Can I start both interfaced and non-interfaced services on the same device?

  • No, it is not permitted.

3. How to close the service in no-interface mode?

  • It can be shut down by the following 3 ways:

-- ctrl+c(in CMD).

-- Close the command line window.

-- Find the MoreLogin icon in the operating system taskbar, right-click, and select exit.

4. What is the difference between starting Local API service with interface service and without interface service?

  • There is no difference."Interfaced" service that can log in to one account and use it normally, and use multiple accounts to call the Local API at the same time.
  • Note: “Interface” service can only log in one account, API does not limit the number of accounts to be used.

5. How to check the version number of MoreLogin currently in use?

  • You can check the version number through the "Check Version" module in "Settings Center" >> "Local Settings".

6. What are the prerequisites for a normal connection to the cloud phone ADB?

  • Call API: "Update Cloud Phone ADB Status" to enable cloud phone ADB capability.
  • Call API: "Get Cloud Phone Profile List" to obtain the corresponding ADB connection address and connection code of the cloud phone.
  • After successfully opening ADB, enter "ADB connect connection address" in the command prompt interface of the operating system to connect to the cloud phone, and use the connection code to log in successfully to start using ADB.
  • After the cloud phone is turned off, the ADB in use will automatically disconnect. The next time the cloud phone is turned on, you need to obtain a new connection address and code to continue using the ADB.

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