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About MoreLogin

Q: What is MoreLogin

A: Morelogin is a professional account management tool, including the fingerprint browser and the Cloudphone. It can provide an isolation profile for an independent fingerprint browser of each account. MoreLogin will help you save account costs. Here are the main functions of MoreLogin below:

- Bulk account management.

- Generate browser-independent fingerprint automatically.

- Open multiple browser profiles unrelatedly.

- Automated operation will improve efficiency greatly.

-Team collaboration function and multi-user collaboration are available.

- Support mainstream proxy networks.

Q: What computer configuration is required to use the Morelogin?

A: RAM: Minimum 4GB recommended

     Free disk space: minimum 2 GB

     GPU: A valid GPU

Supported Systems: Windows 10, 64-bit system and over. MacOS12.6.1 system and over.

About Creating Profile

Q: What is a browser profile?

A: One browser profile can be used as a virtual computer device.

Q: What is a cloudphone profile?

A: Cloudphone is a real mobile phone connected remotely and can be used for App account management on e-commerce, social media and other platforms.

Q: How to import my data from other platforms into Morelogin?

A: You can import the data by creating new browser profiles on the homepage.

About the plan

Q: What is the Number of startups?

A: For the free version, you can open the profiles up to 20 times daily. If you are using a paid package, there is no limit to open the profiles.

Q: What is a sub-account?

A: MoreLogin offers a team collaboration function, the super administrators can invite members to their team who are the sub-account and can use the package service.

Q: How do I create a Morelogin account for my employees to log in and manage the data I imported?

A: As a super administrator, you can create a sub-account by inviting the members to your team. 

note: New members need to be verified by email before they join the team officially.

About the proxy

Q: What is a proxy?

A: It refers to playing an intermediary role between the front-end machine and the server machine that uses the TCP/IP protocol to communicate so that the front-end machine in the intranet can access the server in the Internet network, or make the communication more secure;

Q: What proxy protocols does Morelogin support?

A: Morelogin supports mainstream proxy (IPv4/IPv6) settings on the market, including Sock5/Http/Https/SSH proxy types. You need to purchase the proxy configuration yourself.

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