How to Use Smartproxy's Proxies in MoreLogin

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Getting started with Smartproxy

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How Does an Antidetect Browser Work?

MoreLogin antidetect browser simplifies managing multiple accounts and proxies. As shown below, in our system, think of a Profile as a separate real computer browser. Each computer needs its own proxy configuration. This way, each account login is isolated, reducing platform detection and account bans.

Now, let's talk about how to set up smartproxy using MoreLogin. First, open the MoreLogin Client Manager.

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Step 1: Adding Proxy

We offer two ways to import for smartproxy, either in bulk or individually.

Method 1. Bulk Import:

1.1. Copy proxies from smartproxy's dashboard

Please go to smartproxy's Dashboard and copy the proxies from:

1.2. Copy proxies from smartproxy's dashboard and then paste the copied information into MoreLogin's "Proxy" section to bulk add.

Select "Proxy" (left menu),Click “batch add”, Paste proxy information into the top right hand corner, then click "OK".

Method 2. Manual Import

1. Select "Proxy" (left menu),Choose "Add individual"

2. Paste parameters information into MoreLogin's Add Proxy dialog box.

Step 2: Binding Proxies

1. Select "Profile" (left menu), then find the Profile you want to configure the proxy for in the list. In the Proxy option, click "Edit" (Pen).

2. In the popup, click "Saved Proxy," choose the proxy to bind, then click "OK."

Step 3: Start Browser Profiles

Once the proxy is bound, you can start the Profile, and it will automatically detect and alert you if there are any proxy issues. This ensures that your account runs in a stable Profile and avoids bans.

Select "Profile", then find the newly configured "Profile" in the list and click "Start."

⚠️ If using VPN in China, please open tun (global) mode.

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